Troubleshooting Guide – U Dump Trailers

Dump Bed does not lift but motor runs.

  1. Fluid level is low.
  2. Power unit has air in the lines and needs to be purged.
  3. Pump pressure is set too low. (contact U-Dump for assistance)
  4. Trailer is overloaded.
  5. Pump fluid is contaminated.

Pump Motor will not function.

  1. Motor solenoid is faulty.
  2. Connections from the battery are dirty or loose.
  3. Ground connections are loose or not grounding properly.
  4. Battery needs to be charged.
  5. Motor may need to be replaced.

Dump Bed will not lower.

  1. Down coil is faulty and needs to be replaced.
  2. Down valve needs to be replaced.
  3. Electrical connection to Down coil is faulty.

Trailer Battery is not charging.

  1. Check inline fuse to insure it is working properly.
  2. Check electrical connections to the battery.
  3. Ensure battery is in good condition.